Hour of Code is coming Next Week– Idaho style Dec 8-12, 2014

This is the 2nd year of Hour of Code, an event which last year drew 22 million student participants from around the world.  Many students and schools in Idaho participated and even more this year are eagerly anticipating next week’s events.

Code.org currently has 177 registered Idaho events http://hourofcode.com/us/events/all/us/id and of the 73 registered so far as going “whole school” I’m sure that the event at Twin Falls High School will be one of the great ones.  Members of the Google Developer Group Southern Idaho (GDGSI) will be working with 1100 students in the schools computer labs over a two day period, making sure everyone gets to code for an hour.  Twin Falls has a bit of an “in” with the Google Developer’s Group as it’s headed up by teacher Jason Torgrimson who has a bit of a history of doing fun projects.  Check out this Google Glass Class kids came in on a Saturday to attend earlier this year http://www.kmvt.com/news/local/Google-Glass-Class-Held-For-Students-and-Programmers-278927311.html .

In Boise, South Junior High is planning on using 6 classrooms and doing the whole school in one day.  Coach Newton with www.pauncation.com has been asked to head up this effort which will also feature community members assisting in the computer labs. The last I heard they were still looking for extra community volunteers so check in if you can give half a day, no prior coding experience necessary.  If you have a kid whose school isn’t participating itself then Pauncation will be hosting Hour of Code at the Boise Library on the weekend.

Samples of Activities Around the State:

Wood River Middle School in Hailey will have lunch activities in the library during the week. Buhl is going school-wide this year after having 150 participants last year. Gizmo, an educational maker space in Coeur d’Alene is hosting some elementary classes. http://www.gizmo-cda.org/hour-of-code.html

Students at Meridian Technical Charter High School will be coding during their tech classes all week.  And also in Meridian will be an Hour of Code Block Party on Saturday the 13th at the Meridian Parks and Rec. Community Center. http://www.mentorscloud.com/

The Future:

The Code.org organization which originated Hour of Code is going to be even more highly profiled in Idaho following next week as they start a statewide teacher development effort spearheaded by the Idaho Tech Council.  This is a first-of-its-kind partnership between a whole state and Code.org and we are eagerly awaiting more details from the Council.

  Participate Now:

In the meantime,check out the list of participating schools http://hourofcode.com/us/events/all/us/id and volunteer to help and also have your own kids do an hour at home.  The code.org site has easy lessons for all abilities that can be accessed on computer, tablet, and/or phone, which if your kids can play Angry Birds then they’ll have no trouble at all figuring out how to use.

 2014 Hour of Code Events registered in Idaho Dec 1

2014 Hour of Code Events registered in Idaho Dec 1

 Live map at http://hourofcode.com/us#faq