Common Core Testing vs the ISAT – What do the Math questions look like?

A quick look at some of the changes to the Math questions that students in Idaho will see this year.  After taking the sample tests I feel the new Smarter Balance consortium testing will have a bit of a game feel to it.  I’ve included links below the video where you can take the sample tests also.  I suggest doing so as you will see that while one of the main talking points has been that “students will have to explain their answers” it appears that they will not have to explain every answer.   Those questions that do require an explanation will be graded by Idaho teachers at a later date while the questions that the computer can figure out will help determine the difficulty level of the next question the student is asked to answer during the test.

ISAT Math 5
SBAC Math 5

More ISAT questions  –

More Smarter Balanced Math questions (no grade level given)-

This video is from teacher training put on by the  Idaho Leads Project and discusses the differences between ISAT vs Common Core (Smarter Balance) testing.  The questions I’ve pulled out of the sample above are some of the ones discussed in this video.