Computer Science Education – #CS10K NSF course outlines, resources, and teacher community

If you have been tasked to create a high school Computer Education course or perhaps an Intro to Programming course you may not know where to start and that can be overwhelming. A teacher community that is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and is part of the US Dept of Education’s Connected Educators initiative may be the place to begin your search and to bookmark for ongoing reference.

The web site is and they have two main course they are working on: Exploring Computer Science & Computer Science Principles. Each course is divided into Units and various resources are available for each unit including links to YouTube videos, PDFs, PowerPoint slides, lab outlines, project descriptions, and even some videos with clicker questions embedded in them. Members of the community can add links to other resources and comment on them while the website software links the new resources to each associated unit by using tags and filters.

From the main “resource book” a lesson plan for final day of presentation of projects created by programming in Scratch might look like this

The unit on Robots gives us this link to prototyping – be sure to check the slideshow

Classroom Volunteers can use this site too especially if a classroom is following the course outlines as it will help guide them to appropriate resources

The site itself has just been up a year and participation seems to be varied but hopefully it will continue to grow and provide additional resources.