Computer Science Education Week Dec 9-15, 2013 & #hourofcode activities

Activities planned for the week include lots of free coding (alice, scratch, javascript, python, iphone and others) tutorials that can be completed in one hour at and as part of that has developed a free 20 hour course (lesson plans/videos) for Elementary and Middle Schools teachers/students.  Over 2 million students worldwide are already signed up and the week has yet to begin.  The tutorials and associated websites and/or downloadable programs will be available all year so teachers/parents can continue to use them into spring semester and summer school.  Many of the web-based tutorials can be completed on tablets.

This is a yearly event centered around the birthdate (December 9th) of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper (1906-1992).  A role model for women and men in computing & mathematics she was credited with popularizing the term “debugging”, wrote the first computer language compiler, and was instrumental in the development of the COBAL programming language (based in part upon the compiler she had invented).  See more at:

If you are a teacher they gave away some prizes for signing your classes up.  If you are a parent and want to introduce programming this is a great way to start and older students can take classes on their own.  Most of the tutorials are available now and the site provides links to other free and appropriate learning sites.  For example has just released a programmable Garfield (cat comic) animation creator for middle and high school students to complement their programmable SIMs characters geared to the university setting.

I’ve been looking at coding sites for several years now and this  or (they are the same) has the best variety and links.  The tutorials so far look great.  Make this your top stop if you are looking for coding training.