Gender Diversity in STEM or Girls, girls, Idaho Girls in STEM – check out my mind map for “girls only” STEM programs in Idaho.

Have I mentioned that I’m on the Leadership Team for the Pacific Northwest Girls Collaborative Project?  No?  Well then…

Back a few months ago I listened to a webcast about “Million Women Mentors”.  Well one thing led to another and I’m currently the Idaho representative for the Collaborative.  The Collaborative is also a STEM organization and specifically works on getting organizations to work together to offer programs to girls and women.  So as I’ve gone through all the programs on our resource list I’ve also tried to make an effort to track those that have separate programs geared especially for girls.

Here is the current mind map version (click to view larger):

Girls MindMap Idaho

Just a reminder that I’m sure this is not a complete list and I don’t have the resource page updated with all of them just yet.  Gives me more reasons for additional blog posts.  I also haven’t figured out how to draw links yet between programs that aren’t already related so there are more intertwining relationships between programs, sponsors, locations than are shown so you’ll have to imagine a whole spiderweb of connections especially from INL and Micron.

If you are the contact for one of these programs I’ll probably be in touch with you to get the information loaded up on the Girls Collaborative website or to check with you on the ones that are already there.  It’s a similar process to the STEM Idaho Pipeline in that you register the group yourself so that you can update as needed online but I can also get help behind the scenes with the database itself if needed.

If you have need of this graphic you are welcome to use it, I also have a pdf version here.  Girls STEM Idaho

And in case you are wondering, I created this with SimpleMind Mind Maps.   It’s a program that one of the teacher blogs I read talked about and I decided to try out.  They have a free Android & iOS versions but the PC version will cost me about thirty bucks if I decide to keep it.

Let me know what I’ve missed and if possible give me a web page or a facebook page that focuses on the program.